You are a hot mommaYou can kite like a proYou are a creative geniusYou can always see the bright sideYou are beautifulYou light up the clubYou are the coolest sisterYou are the coolest brotherYou are a great kisserI like your styleYou look fabulous!I love youYou are amazingYou are smart like EinsteinYou are the best Pokemon catcher!You look gorgeous todayYou are a barbecue kingYou are braveYou are the fastest of them allYou did a great jobYou are like sunshine on a rainy dayYou are a fantastic friendYou deserve this promotionYou are the best dad everYou just made my day!You are the strongest of them allYou smell like summerYou are a great chefI think you're awesomeYou will be an amazing mother

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